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04-25-2013, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by chet1926 View Post
I'm so happy that the Broncos didn't get suckered into taking Lacy. That guy is going to bust hard in the NFL, he was the product of a NFL caliber offensive line playing against college kids, much like Richardson. Its very tough to get a read on skill players from schools like Alabama where everyone is so good, its tough to tell which are the really good ones and which ones are more products of the system.

I'm also glad we didn't bite on Manti T'eo. I like him but not as a 1st rd player. I wouldn't have been overly pissed if we had taken him, but we made the right selection based off what was available and what positions we needed to fill.

Taking the DT in rd 1 gives us more options going forward I'd like to see one of Minter LB LSU, Alonso LB Oregon, Bostic LB Florida, Ball RB Wisconsin or Hunt DE SMU in the 2nd rd and then maybe a corner or safety in rd 3.
I rated them both as first round players, and I think that they both would have been good picks for the broncos.

Honest to god, if I had the Bronco's pick there, I would have chosen Eddie Lacy.

I would shy away from Montee Ball.

The big ten has shown time and time again that it's power backs don't translate to the NFL anymore.

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