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Originally Posted by mistrhanky View Post
I could definitely use some help here on a stick for next season. I currently use a Warrior Dolo with the Vanek curve, lie 5.5 I think. I love the lie on the stick and want to keep that as best I can. It is starting to crack and shred at the heel though(I am a pretty aggressive hacker as far as stick checking goes -- tough on sticks I guess) so I was looking for a replacement. I also really like the blade pattern as it is not a very aggressive curve at all, which makes my backhand easier. I have an 85 flex and can get some juice on a slapshot, but not a ton, and definitely no lift. Finally, limited budget.

Doing some searching I see that I can get a Warrior Diablo for about 100, or find the occasional dolo for about $80. Not sure what the difference is between a dolo and a dolo DD either. I want to get something around a 75 flex which is easy enough to find, but a vanek curve is not. Would something like a lidstrom come pretty close? I kind of like the square toe on it. What is the real difference between the dolo and the diablo?
Not trying to be rude here but if your slapshot is really that poor, try to invest some money in shooting lessons and buy the cheapest stick you can find right now. Gretzky probably could have scored goals with a pool cue.

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