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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post

Yet no matter what your age is, the problem with athletes today is that everyone believes that lifting weights and eating a lot (especially protein) is what makes you bigger/stronger. And being bigger and stronger means you are a better athlete or worse... a better hockey player.

So many misconceptions when it comes to nutrition/diet and strength and conditioning. You should talk to a personal trainer who specializes in athletic training and preferably hockey.
So I won't get stronger by lifting weights and eating enough? Are you for real? I guess a couple bowls of rice and lots of sitting around is going to make me big and strong. Sigh

The ONLY way you can get bigger is by eating at a calorie surplus. If you eat less calories than you use you will lose weight, eat more you will gain weight. Pretty simple really. Of course your body will react differently to the amount of exercise being performed. If you eat at a calorie surplus and just sit around playing video games and watching TV you'll find yourself becoming fat. Progressive load weights and see what happens. Anyone ever get big and strong from not lifting? As far as protein goes I agree you don't need a ridiculous amount but you still need quite a bit as this is the macro nutrient that rebuilds your muscles.

I'd say about 90% of personal trainers are morons. Some will have you squat while balancing on a bosu ball. Then when someone falls off injuring themselves they wonder why they get sued. Most personal trainers take a 1 month course lol.

Anyways if you don't want to lift weights then don't. I say do some box jumps, dot patterns and sprint for explosiveness and agility. Also SHOOT tonne of pucks and improve your shot. If you can get to a rink then to the rink and practice skating. Get some power skating instruction.

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