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04-26-2013, 06:13 AM
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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
Carlyle will want his team to send a HUGE message.
I have seen this coach do this many times before.
The game with the Leafs will NOT be a hockey game, it will be a chance to smash all the Habs, hurt them, break bones, cut a slash and who cares about the penalties. Intent to injury?? OH YES the Leafs will be looking to hurt all the Habs. All not legal but Carlyle does not care about
this, he thinks it's the best news all year. He gets to head hunt for 3 periods and with any luck send Subban Markov Price Gally and a few other right to the hospital with broken bones and out of the playoffs.
This is Carlyle, this he will never admit to but just tune in and watch the game. The Leafs will GO NUTS and just try to injury all games long.
By George, I think you're onto something. And I even think he won't stop at Saturday's game? He'll continue that play into the playoffs. So maybe we should also rest our best players during the playoffs against the Leafs. They'll be real ready to play after the Leafs playoff series. It'll just be a question of what sport.

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