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04-26-2013, 06:39 AM
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Self-loathing? Are you kidding me? Who the hell are you? That's complete and utter horse ****, I'm admittedly one of few people who still has faith in this team making a playoff run. You can drop the personal attacks now, and the only reason they're coming up is because you have no actual rebuttal other than your usual "holier than thou" attitude.

He specialized in playing on the PK and PP. He didn't play a ton at ES. What is BS about that? Because it doesn't fit your agenda? Those are facts, in print, available on If you're going to make literally no sense, I don't know if I should even continue this discussion.

"So great in all facets of the game". Huh. Drury, again, for the hundredth time, was a net front player that scored a lot of his goals on rebounds and deflections, specifically on the PP. He was an average passer and had an average shot. He was also a below average puck carrier/handler. He wasn't and never was fit to be a player who controlled the play at even strength, like an actual first line center would. Or even a second line center. The Rangers brought him here to be the focal point of their second line. He was not the player to do that, not then, and it's proven that he wasn't now.

I never said it detracted from Drury. I ****ing love Drury, he's one of my favorite Rangers despite what transpired for him here, and I've always admired him as a player. You're completely missing what I'm saying, and YOU'RE the one who is making no sense, and you're also putting words in my mouth.

Maybe I should bold it: DRURY WAS MISUSED HERE. That is my main problem with the whole Drury situation, they brought him here to be a top-6 center, one to lead his line, and it was a terrible decision that could have been avoided with some simple research. Drury never generated offense from his skill, he was the finisher for other great offensive players. The Rangers, with Drury on their roster, had none of these players. They had Jagr in 07-08, but he was on the decline and he hardly even played with Jagr that season.
We signed Drury coming off of 30 and 37 goal seasons and you think that was third line material? Are you kidding? His last year in Buffalo he was 14th in the league in goals, and 23rd in points among centers, and that's not a first or second line center to you? When you say, he was "never was fit to be a player who controlled the play at even strength, like an actual first line center would. Or even a second line center" and he "never generated offense from his skill," I feel pretty certain you never watched him much outside of his days in NY...