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04-26-2013, 08:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Meatwagon View Post
FWIW, Austin has never missed a game in college or high school for that matter. His elusiveness allows him to miss bone rattling hits, when he does get taken down its by the jersey or the feet.

Hopefully the Rams can trade up to the mid second and grab DJ Swearinger and use pick 71 on Lattimore. Then grab Rambo with ATL 3rd rounder, after that pick up a 2nd safety and line depth on both sides of the ball.
The same thing was said about Jeff Skinner.

I don't think it was a bad pick. Looking at the difference in offensive production when Amendola was on the field and when he wasn't, a speedy slot guy with great hands and great yards-after-catch is a big plus for the Rams. I'm glad they got him.

BUT, to suggest that since he hasn't been injured before that he won't get injured in the future is silly. The average player is much bigger and faster in the NFL than in college, similar to how the college players on average where bigger and faster than the high school players.

I hope he stays healthy, but a 6'2" 245+ lbs line-backer clobbering him and knocking him out for a while is a realistic concern.

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