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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
As usual, after a win I don't come to the board right away as a coping mechanism so I'll take a crack at it then go in reverse order seeing what everyone thought until I come to an unreasonable post

- I was defending Boullion prior to the game and while I still think he moved it alright on the PP, I wanted to smash his head in most of the game. On further review, pass was on Cube's skate blade, but still, wtf, was so mad. And the second goal - why do all other teams fill their net with three D in that situation while we just stand around and watch. GET YOUR BODY ON THE GOAL LINE. Not a good game by him at times, but again, I don't know if LJV wouldn't have made more mistakes.

- Price was awesome. I don't think anyone disagrees that this was the Price we remember, even better than in tampa IMO. Hope that it's the way he plays going forward.

- Atta boy Tinner (à la PK)! Keep him in. I'm sure he'll make the odd mistake, but more than makes up for it. On that partial 2 on 1, he not only took the man out, but got his stick in the way to block a pass. On the PK, he got it behind the net and with lots of pressure flipped it out - something our vets fail to do time and time again, rather weakly pushing it to the point and the opposing D man. Physicality was good - exactly the right timing. You can differentiate knowledgeable hockey fans by those who know what it means to take a hit to make the play. Jack Edwards, for e.g., will call any hit on an opposing player monstrous and devastating while that player effectively takes a bruin out of the play while getting it to a forward rushing up. Takes effort and sacrifice. Tinordi did that all game.

- Bourque played his best game since back. I still think he bobbles the puck compared to the silky smooth guy I used to see with the Flames (no really, he could handle a puck), but he got it deep, forechecked hard, and most of all, HE SCORED! Great finish on that play too. My heart sank when Chucky's deke got picked off, then scramble, then reaction by Habs players

- Ryder has become useless again. All that talk about winning the trade seems so far away now. He better pick it up cuz for a fast team, he looks like he's dragging a hippo. Also can't make any smart plays with the puck ATM to make up for it.

- Much better game by Pleky, but I wonder what Michel Bergeron is thinking. Of course, shot is better than a maybe pass, but it was FINALLY a wide open Gio (who was playing well). Not a biggie, just funny that Pleks actually NEVER passes on 2 on 1s anymore even after being admonished by Bergy.

- I know people will , but I thought Chucky was off. Battled hard, as always, but in terms of execution, thought he had a sub par game in one where he could have dominated. His awareness was also a bit off, like when Subban was rushing up the ice tapping his stick and chucky tried to do a toe drag in front of Buff. Just an example of a bunch of missed passes, flubs (whiffed on a shot), etc. Just pointing it out cuz it's not fair to only point out everyone but the golden child. Gally gets it occasionally, so just being fair.

- It seems we can only score on 5 on 3s. The PP otherwise has too much pressure on Markov and Subban and when they send it to the guy on the halfboards (sooooo predictable), we then just become stagnant. Look at Toronto who goes cross crease for the open man regularly and even 5 on 5. We have no ability to do that. Every team seems to adjust their PK so that it looks identical. Passes into the slot seem pointless - we just don't open up the opposing D. Gotta fix.

- Wanted to shove DD through a wall the whole game for his paaaaathetic passes. So soft, just coughing them up. Then lucky break and well, seems like all of a sudden he played the last 10 minutes much better. Then one of Patch's innocent shots benefitted from Pavelec not giving a **** and so I hope for both their sakes, this means opening a can of goals. Patches had a great game anyway, just no support. I think Gally's (also lucky) goal that exemplified Gretzky's famous quote might also have been a result of a manque de concentration from Pavelec, but whatever, it went in and tied the game.

Just prior to that I was asking my friend when the last time we scored off a shot was (wrister or slapshot from outside the crease and not a Subban blast), the way every NHL team does regularly. Couldn't remember. This one technically counted, but seriously, we need to "snipe" a little more (which really means shoot like NHLers).

- Gorges played well. I've been on his case, but he held himself up to the std he set. PK was dancing towards the end and it's really sad that we don't make the most of these opportunities. He's forced to pass to someone who just can't score and/or they don't give it back to him when he's in great position to score.

- Doesn't seem like we're missing Moen, although I'm sure he'll draw back in at some point. Armdog does a good job of finishing his checks and keeping the puck deep and he's an MT lapdog so it's cool, he'll stay. Lately, Dumont would have been more useful than Ryder - I'm dead serious. That said, when Ryder gets his chances, I think (hope) he'll prove his worth.


AC comments:

- WTF is wrong with everyone not caring if we come second. They want to rest everyone and Gauthier being a dick basically saying Markov is a no-compete lazy guy at heart (clearly cuz he's Russian.

Langdeau was the only one who seemed to get it. He kept prodding everyone about 2nd being better than 4th, which is freaking is, by a LOT! Asking Carbo what he'd rather have and Carbo saying it's better than they be ready for game 1.

Reason?: What if Toronto sends their goons/plays physical on Saturday risking injuring players?
Do they know who we will be playing in a much tougher 7 game series, basically without question, if we do not get an ROW (to be safe and still not a guarantee) on Sat?

So shy away from playing a team cuz they might injure you in one game. Uh, why not avoid them in the first round by lining your cards up for a good possibility that Boston loses to one of Wash/Ott in a back to back???

We must win. If they play physical, just keep a cool head, that's all. Prust, you're no allowed to fight, that's all. Just beat them. Someone made a good point (might have been that dumb dumb head Gauthier) that if they lose to Toronto, it'll leave a bad taste in their mouths - which is true. Oh and also we'll be playing them the next game, and the game after and again, and so on (doubt Boston drops their two).

At least the AC crowd is impressed with Eller and considers him our best center, while considering Pleky a versatile one. They seemed dejected when they found out it was Pacioretty's goal (as if DD did anything on that play).

Just for the tally - Price stole this one for us...
Perfect post. Couldn't agree more!

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