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04-26-2013, 09:31 AM
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This thread could have easily been titled "Why is the NBA the worst officiated pro league?"

It's so bad that it's unbelievable. You wouldn't even want to admit that the games are being rigged because it's being done so blatantly.

LeBron James gets away with every thing you can name: travels, fouls, double dribbles, etc. He gets an unreal leeway when it comes to calling fouls committed against him - the quote-unquote superstar calls. It's hard to believe a guy as big and as strong as him falls down so easily sometimes, especially when he's not even touched.

Stars frequently get reputation calls. As if there's some logic that says because a guy has been fouled before that there's a super high chance he gets fouled every time he has the ball.

Some teams, like the Raptors, get absolutely no respect from the officials. I mean the NBA itself apologized three separate times for missed calls at the end of games. The amount of games where the Raptors were close but didn't get legit calls at the end of the game and went on to lose is obscene and can't be considered a coincidence even by the most level-headed analysts.

The NBA is corrupt because the culture of basketball is corrupt. AAU teams and sponsorship deals and one-and-done college basketball careers and signing bonuses and referees who clearly don't referee with any sort of fairness. Everything around the sport smacks of corruption, why would anyone think that the referees would somehow be unaffected by it?

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