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Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
Price and Subban both had a swag move tonight.

Price with Da Save.
PK smashing his stick, running to the bench and back in time to receive a pass in extremis (shows you the quality of his effort), passes to Markov, clear his spot from the broken stick parts, and then perform a slapshot.

We need a gif of that sequence. Man PK has superswag.
Originally Posted by Kurplunk View Post
It was hilarious when I saw the puck getting so close to getting outta the zone and Subban comes flying in to keep it alive. Passes to Markov, clears the broken stick down the ice, and gets off a slapshot all in one sequence.
Was very nice
That was pure awesome! It was even better the way the camera was fixed, with him coming in from off screen. I'm sure all of us were like "OMG NO, broken stick we're screwed, get another one!", then he pulls it off. Has to be on highlight reels on with a stupid tagline. BTW, great play by Patch there to hold on to it and make the play until Subban had time.

Originally Posted by Dirty Danglez View Post
I'm not a DD basher. But just because he scored a goal doesn't mean he played a strong game. I actually thought he was pretty bad tonight. Could not win along the boards. It was always gally or patch retrieving the puck, and then DD passing it to a winnepeg player to kill all momentum of the forecheck. He still made terrible passes on the PP, and seemed ineffective overall besides the 5 on 3.

He did win faceoffs, but not many of them turned into offensive opportunities. I'm glad he scored and hoping he steps his game up because I'm really rooting for him and I was trying to detract the haters at the beginning of the season, but he hasn't made me look very good this year.
I'm not at all mad that he scored, I'm very happy in hopes that it will get him back to his old game. He looked very good after the goal, even...backcheckin. But what DD (haha) said, prior to that he was his usual ineffective self.

Originally Posted by Bruinswillwin77 View Post
Congrats, on getting home ice Montreal!
Originally Posted by BigNumber1Centre View Post
Thank you! Perhaps you give us 2nd place and we give you Toronto? Its a win-win!
Ya, if you could go ahead do that, yaaaaa, that'd be great.

Originally Posted by Cyclones Rock View Post
Eller has more secondary assists than primary and his point totals are increased by having Galchenyuk on his line.
Pfft. Eller is the one who brings the puck up ice, battles really hard cuz he has the frame and sets up a ton of plays. Sometimes the secondary assist is a harder play than the primary just FYI and it goes both ways in terms of Chucky's production. Eller is awesome.

Originally Posted by WordUp View Post
Great job on the win guys. Hurts as a Jets fan but I still follow and love the Habs. Bittersweet but I hope this win is what you guys needed to turn it around and go deep this year!
Originally Posted by thejaf7 View Post
Jets fan here. Congratulations for making the playoffs. Would have loved to see MTS Centre host playoff hockey, the noise and the white out. Team was deflated after 2nd intermission and looked like they just gave up after finding out the news of not making it in.

Good luck to you guys, I feel we both our teams have the top two fan bases in the league.
I'm just glad that it wasn't us who eliminated you (you were beating us at the time you got eliminated). Great fans and I really hope to see playoffs from you guys.

Originally Posted by Rosso Scuderia View Post
Anaheim resting Selanne, Koivu, Getzlaf... are leading 2-0 against the Canucks, outshooting them 24-8.

Maybe we could rest a couple of players too. Especially Markov and Prust.
Ya, we're not Anaheim and they a) haven't had to fix stuff (we still do) and b) don't have to play their bÍte noire (Toronto). I do realize some guys need a rest, so I would not mind Dumont in for Prust actually, but sadly we can't win this without Markov. I really wouldn't trust Beaulieu to deliver in this game. In for Cube, fine. In for Markov, nah, we need him. Markov looked a little more energetic than last game. I don't know what his recharge meter looks like so does 2 days vs 5 days make a world of a difference? Maybe, probably, but I don't see us winning without him and I still wan't 2nd badly.

Originally Posted by JohnLennon View Post
I'm so embarrassed! I'm so sorry!!! I only looked at your avatar and not your name. I'm an idiot. Never studying late AGAIN!

Kudos for not telling me about my stupidity after that one... ouch.

HEY SHUT UP! They're a different breed I tell ya...
Haha, having moved to Ontario since awhile now, I've met a lot of Habs fans native to the area and they're awesome. Though that's why my sig is written as it is, just for clarification that I'm a gars de chez nous. (Though, again, Ontario Habs fans and I'm sure from elsewhere are terrific!). I think all of us living in Ontario are far more concerned with the Toronto situation than people in MTL. I go home often and most of my friends don't have the same intensity of hatred because they don't have many friends who are leaf fans, haven't been exposed to the circus of leafs fandom, haven't had to spar on a daily basis with them. I can't tell you how many official functions I've been to where in a very important, completely non-hockey-related speech, someone will say "**** the Habs". Then again, whenever I get a chance to speak in a similar situation (given everyone knows my colours), I make sure to return the favour.

Originally Posted by Coldplay View Post
Perfect post. Couldn't agree more!
Much appreciated! Glad that everyone seems to have picked up the same elements from last night. The DD "bashing"/misinterpreting I expect will last a little while longer until we devolve into Price discussions and how it was "only ONE game!". Patofqc seems to have come out of the woodwork, which normally happens when Price wins a game for us. He's our groundhog. That's how you KNOW Price won a game for us

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