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Originally Posted by chaosrevolver View Post
I just finished my third year of University. I've had those days my friend
It's even more sad because if I just looked at your name I would've known you're a Habs fan! I'm in my second year of University, but luckily today is my last exam of the semester so I won't berate you anymore! Congrats on finishing University!

Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
Haha, having moved to Ontario since awhile now, I've met a lot of Habs fans native to the area and they're awesome. Though that's why my sig is written as it is, just for clarification that I'm a gars de chez nous. (Though, again, Ontario Habs fans and I'm sure from elsewhere are terrific!). I think all of us living in Ontario are far more concerned with the Toronto situation than people in MTL. I go home often and most of my friends don't have the same intensity of hatred because they don't have many friends who are leaf fans, haven't been exposed to the circus of leafs fandom, haven't had to spar on a daily basis with them. I can't tell you how many official functions I've been to where in a very important, completely non-hockey-related speech, someone will say "**** the Habs". Then again, whenever I get a chance to speak in a similar situation (given everyone knows my colours), I make sure to return the favour.
Do I ever feel for you! Watching every game for the Habs is a stress-affair for me. The playoffs are a borderline heart-attack. If I live in a city FULL of the fans of the team we are currently facing in a 7-game series... I'm not sure I'd make it out alive!

If we play the Leafs, this series will either be extremely painful for you if we lose or euphoric if we win! For your sake, I hope the Habs take it I'm thinking you may want to lock yourself up with fellow Habs fans and resist going out into the real world for the next two weeks

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