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04-26-2013, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Luigi Lemieux View Post
I'm going to be honest...i think the pens would ruin any of those three teams. I don't see a Philly type matchup here. Even going into that series i was uneasy considering how much trouble Philly gives us.
It is not that there is not a Philly type matchup. It is that this team, when you look more closely, is nothing like last year's team. Both teams went on long win streaks at the end of the year, but last year's team tried to outscore everyone. And they did score, a lot, against Philly. But they sucked at defense. Giving up over a goal more than this year's team did over the course of the year, and the last 9 games of last year they gave up 3.33 goals a game, the playoffs even worse. This team has been averaging 1.3 GAA since February. Then the additions. This team has so much more sandpaper than last year's team it is not even funny.

So yeah, it is not that there are no Flyer teams out there. That Flyer team actually was pretty crappy. It is that this team is 180 degrees different.

And yes I agree with you, to not admit that this team is the most talented in the east, maybe the NHL, is disingenuous. They could lose, and injuries, stupidity, any number of things can derail them. But on paper this team is on a tier almost by itself.

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