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04-26-2013, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Flamingo View Post
Watch how the Leafs beat us in the last game. They collapsed to protect the slot, and manhandled anyone in the slot. I remember one of them putting a headlock on our player and dropping to the ice to prevent our player from waiting for a rebound. They allowed a ton of shots from the periphery. And they played a physical game overall with some post-whistle intimidation.

The Caps seemed to leave our points alone, collapsing in the crease as well. And all of the unprovoked facewashing, sucker punches, cross-checks and slashing was obviously meant to rattle our players.

They missed an element, and I think that was pressuring the puck carrier and punishing them with a big body cheque, with another forward supporting the checker to pick up the loose puck. Washington's tough guy act had no tie to the flow of the game, it seemed misplaced and an afterthought.
I think the difference between Washington and Toronto games is Karlsson.

Like you said Toronto collapsed in front of their nets and did a good job removing rebounds but we had absolutely no threat from the back-end. Had Karlsson been getting the chances our D had that game he could have scored a couple of lasers and confused the collapsing defense finding a player sneaking back-door cause they' have to respect his shot. The reason we scored both goals were cause of Karlsson tonight. Setting up the first and drawing attention on the second giving Gonchar more room for the shot.

Heck, it would change their entire gameplan cause they'd try and pressure him.

Basically what I'm saying is that Caps played similar game to the Leafs but we got better chances tonight cause our defense confused their forwards forcing them to challenge the shooter and open up passing lanes etc...

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