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04-26-2013, 11:12 AM
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Chucky obviously great (huge understatement). Just prefacing this post with a "I <3 Chucky as much as everyone else!"

What I still find a little confusing/sliggghtly disappointing (but not really) is that he seems not to use his skills as much as he could. Part of it is obviously confidence and a workmanlike attitude. PK started hot dogging early cuz that's just him. But on plays where he could spread the D with his long reach and ability to dangle, I don't see him doing it. Last night tried a toe drag, but it was actually the wrong play to make. Last night wasn't his best IMO though, even though he managed to set up the first goal (that's how good he is).

He seems to be looking down a lot and for someone with his skill set, I would imagine that he would be able to cut through players like swiss cheese by looking up with the puck on his stick. Him and Eller have so much chemistry that if they just pull one or two moves after entering the zone, they could make the other team look silly. Not saying they should be going for that all the time, just seen a bunch of opportunities where I expect it to happen and it doesn't. I'm sure even by next year it'll be different. For now he's playing it simple and still using his skill to work the puck to open guys and battle hard in front of the net. The goal against Pitt was an example of pure skillllz

I cannot wait for his wrister to start being as accurate as it was in junior. It's wicked.

He has the ability to fend of defenders with taking a wide stance and then cutting back against the gain and then, you know, causing all kinds of havoc with Eller, but I guess it's not the time to risk it. Just saying, I think he's already capable of all this and wouldn't mind him actually trying it out more. Playoffs are here, so now I expect just more of the same which is absolutely fine. Just been awhile since we've seen some pure filth from one of our forwards. Him and Eller fit the bill.

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