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04-26-2013, 12:38 PM
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I've played BAP since it first came out in the NHL series, and it was my favourite mode until NHL'12. In '12, I never completed a full season because it's not fun to play on Superstar and be challenging for Wayne Gretzky's scoring records in my rookie year.

This year was more of the same for me. In addition to "Start in the CHL" being pretty much unplayable for me because of the issue with the rules not changing for the NHL (it's a small issue, but it bugs the hell out of me), I'm able to once again dominate the league as a rookie.

I've always been extremely stubborn about not touching the "CPU Difficulty" slider, because I've always assumed (and I'm not alone, according to the internet) that this slider's function is simply to increase the attributes of the computer players. This is not the sort of difficulty adjustment which this game needs, though, as I don't want my player to lose every puck race and battle, but rather to have my options more limited by the AI defence. I felt the slider was more or less a cop-out by EA to deal with difficulty without addressing the root issues.

Recently, a friend mentioned that he tried changing that slider, and the computers started playing smarter, rather than simply playing with better attributes. So I went and changed them on my own BAP, and lo and behold, they do play smarter. I can't simply speed burst down the wing and blow by the defence, as they know I'm going to try and do that and they shut it down. In addition, my own team-mates seem to play smarter as well. I've only played a couple of games with the slider maxed, but it definitely feels a lot better. I thought I'd pass this along to anyone who, like myself, was stubbornly refusing to touch that slider.

I restarted my BAP, and in my first pre-season game against Vancouver (playmaker), I didn't get a point until assisting on the tying goal in the dying minutes. I then scored the overtime winner on a bit of a flukey shot (which is a good thing, because the coach asked me to go out there and get the go-ahead goal). I never felt like I had to restrain myself so I didn't score too much, but even more importantly, I was still able to outrace the CPUs to loose pucks when I had a step.

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