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Originally Posted by alcanalz View Post
We had that two-and-a-half week stretch where we were letting in a metric-ton of goals and giving up too many chances. I think people are giving Vokoun too much credit for calling the team out. Don't get me wrong, loved it, but I'm pretty sure everyone in that dressing room knew they were giving up too many chances. It happens, things were going to tighten back up eventually. They did and we've never looked back.
But in my opinion it was not about rah rah speeches. The effect of those never last long anyways. To my eyes the Pens adjusted.

Look, there is nothing wrong with the Bylsma's system per se. But every system has a counter. You can have the greatest passing game in NFL history and if you never run the ball you are going to lose games. The counter to the counter was to skate the puck up the ice. Letang looks like Coffey out there with the puck, and by merely making greater use of that option rather than try to put pressure on the defense with the long pass, it stops teams from just sitting there waiting to intercept the long pass.

Honestly I think that it was that simple.

That said, the Pens still have trouble with a Devil's type system/team. They spent the entire night in their own zone last night. Granted, it was a meaningless game which will effect play.

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