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Originally Posted by PensFanSince1989 View Post
They played a responsible game for most of last season as well. It just fell apart at the end. It's not new, its just something that the players sometimes get away from for whatever reason.
Not true at all.

2012-13: 2.45 GAA

2011-12: 2.63 GAA

A slight improvement, but since February 1.3 GAA. The Pens for the first half of this year sucked defensively as badly this year as they did last year. To the point where we all were calling for Bylsma and Shero's heads, Bylsma's in particular.

Since the Pens changed whatever you come up with that they changed they way they play they have been a team who actually looks like it is built for playoff hockey. Adding all the grit that they did at the deadline made it even more so.

But this team since February has ZERO resemblance to last year's team, or even this year's team for the first half of the year. You do not need to look at stats, the eye test will tell you that.

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