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04-26-2013, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by TankLarkin View Post
it's the younger generations who hate Cherry BECAUSE he speaks his mind. Public education and the media in general teach today's kids to tow the line, don't make waves, etc.

I love Grapes, but I'm over 40.
I'm over fifty and I dislike Grapes immensely. I have no problem with him speaking his mind. I just don't like what seems to be the content of his mind. His bashing of non-Canadians with very little, if anything, to back it up is annoying. He is inarticulate and while, yes, he had little education, I certainly have known many of his generation and older who have been quite articulate with roughly the same level of education. He is rude and close-minded, often dismissive of anything even slightly outside his narrow world view. If I had kids, I'm not sure I would let them watch Don Cherry for fear of them imitating many of his negatives. Perhaps if he was presented as a clown to be laughed at and possibly pitied for his ignorance, I might let them watch.

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