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04-26-2013, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by saint2e View Post
Welp, I just about doubled the maximum amount I've ever spent on one transfer today in hockey. I spent $75M on one player. Previous record: $40M.

This guy is gonna be a Franchise goalie for me though.

18years old
6/6 CL
already 869 OR with 362 Primary.

This makes him my 3rd string goalie, but my current goalie was only 666OR at the end of his 18th year, so this guy is on track to be my backup in 1-2 seasons, and my go to goalie in 2-3 seasons.
Hmmm my 21 year old formerly declared a prospect but has aged to a ripe 21yo was only 700 OR when he turned 18. My #1 and #2 (now RFA and UFA-I age) certainly were worse. NICE GRAB!

My only hope is my 15 6/6 99/90/94 Q'd buy for 80M. He has trained 155 points in 65 days so even at 1.8/day (trains over 1.9 now) and not training camps he should crack 900 OR when he turns 18. So, in short, you got a guy very similar for less money and less wait!

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