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04-26-2013, 02:32 PM
Nicky Santoro
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It seems like nobody ever posts in this thread anymore. when the season began i was so happy i was going to be able to get daily tv ratings from you all, but we hardly got any updates. maybe it was tougher this yr to get them. I haven't seen the likes of CanadaIsHockey or Lady Stanley much this yr. they were always feeding us with great info. hopefully we can be able to get some good juicy ratings this playoff. that i'd love.

anyways, last nights bulls got 318k market tv homes at peak time between 9:30-10. which means about 9.0 roughly. i think the hawks beat that this yr in their peak times during the streak.that is shocking, as it was a bulls playoff game.

I am very curious Illinois/chicago guys.. i know this can never happen.. but if bulls played Gm 7 final and it went up against Hawks/Crosby Gm 7 final.. same time.. who do you think would win the ratings? My money is on the bulls and i don't think it'd even be close.. would i win my bet?? thanks

and boys, lets get this thread busy again. i love this thread, but we just don't get enough info in it. it's playoff time..

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