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Originally Posted by Jabroni1994 View Post
July 2012, Iron Maiden.

11/10. Bruce sounded awesome and the band was phenominal. They played a lot of Seventh Son material and some rare ones like The Prisoner and Afraid to Shoot Strangers.
Saw them on some HD channel. Was surprised that Bruce still has his voice into his mid 50s. Even more surprised that the dude is a pilot who flies the band from city to city.

Slayer: July 2011

Played a standard setlist* of what they've been playing for awhile, had a decent stage show with tons of fire. 4 song encore brought the entire setlist up to around 15-16 songs. Hanneman was still on the IR (guess he still is at this point), but Gary Holt did a good job filling in.

Was gonna dock a point for Tom Araya's voice going out on a few songs, but for these guys still putting on a show in their late 40s/early 50s, I think I can look past it. No pandering to the crowd for songs or kissing the crowd's ass, they showed up to put on a show (nah, that doesn't sound like a cliche), which gets them an additional half a point.


* - saw them last year as part of Mayhemfest and the setlist didn't vary much.

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