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Originally Posted by Domen View Post
Because as I remember 10 millions is the biggest transfer in KHL ever. And that's for 18-old talent that has yet to prove himself. But still, I wouldn't have much problems with it if the team that was buying Nichushkin wasn't Dynamo. Dynamo doesn't have any superstar in its roster, no player receives 2 millions per season. It's policy is to have an even team with a bit above average players that are not overpayed. And with this kind of policy they got 2 cups straight and in this season with a clear superiority over any other team. And then buying 18-old player for 10 millions and making him the most well-payed player in the team is really strange. There is information that Znaroks, the head coach of Dynamo, is against paying so much to Nichushkin because it would be just unfair to the club veterans who are winning a cup after a cup.
They are not paying it to him but FOR him. As I understand a term trade his contract remains the same pretty cheap one he sign at the beginning of the season.

Originally Posted by cska78 View Post
pardon my langauge? how did the guy look last year? lol He looked good on a very weak team. NIskala? not good. Of these Kronwall is the only guy who's able to do this for two years straight being a top level player.
The guy scored 4 points in 7 games for Lev. When it comes to scoring - you give him minutes, he makes things happen. Sample size for bad Maenpaa's play is even smaller than for the good one. And since we were talking about scoring, he came to Amur having scored 18 points in Sweden the year before and he blew these expectations away on the team which managed to make the playoffs and led the conference at one point.

What about Niskala? After moving from Elitserien he had two 10+ goals, 30+ points seasons to go with +29 rating. He absolutely delivered what was expected from him and if somebody's expectations were even bigger.. Well, that's their problem.
Everyone knew about his shortcomings in the defensive zone.

So their scoring definitely wasn't hurt by a move to KHL meaning it will most likely be the case with Lee too and he's good for at least 30 points next season.

If your point was about their defensive game neither of them had such good +/- rating in Sweden. And it's only natural Lee will have some weaknesses but Erik Karlsson does as well, you can't expect shutdown guy to post numbers like that.

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