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04-26-2013, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Fleury4ever View Post
Let me try to relate my concern to Kreider and move on, because I don't discount your point about salary.

My concern is the Rangers are missing Centers who win faceoffs, hit, play D, and can possess the puck in the O zone. All so they can grab as many guys who can score goals on paper or have the potential to, and then wonder why the team is inconsistent. It's inconsistent because scoring is not just about having guys who finish plays, it's about playing well across the whole rink, and retaining a structured game. It's not the NBA, you can't just hand the puck to some guy in the offensive half and let him go 1-on-1.

I could be wrong, I certainly don't think Dubi and Kreider will seal anyones fate here, but they better move forward in a way that plugs that hole (and token point shot defenseman comment) or they'll never win.
I don't really see many, if any, one-dimensional goal scorers on the team at this point. Yeah, it's great to have centers who can play a tough, puck possession game, but you have to take the cap into account as well as the fact that Dubi is years and years ahead of Kreider in terms of development and Dubi has now had two disappointing seasons in a row in terms of production compared to what is expected of him. Also, The Rangers are among the best in the league in terms of GA/G and they are lagging far behind in G/G. Stats don't tell the whole story, but I think it's clear that they need help putting the puck in the other teams' net more than they need help keeping it out of their own.

I agree that the team is too inconsistent, but to me, Dubi wouldn't have changed that much. He's about as inconsistent as players come these days. As for Kreider, it's way too early to put any labels on him, but I think he'll provide scoring on a level that Dubi didn't and couldn't, therefore I think it's better that they kept him.

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