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04-26-2013, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyingKostitsyn View Post
Its funny how both Bruins and Habs fan somewhat unite against the Leafs. We're both afraid the Leafs are going to come in and ''steal'' our rivalry with one another it seems

I hate the Bruins, but I love to hate them. I can respect them when they beat us and I'm proud when we beat them. The Leafs? I have no respect for them, its different as a result. I'm angry when they beat us (most of their wins against us have BS written all over for a reason or another) and beating them has been ''expected'' most of the time in the past decade so there is no glory. There is also the fan aspect, Leafs fans are mostly bandwagonners and annoying as hell in victory and defeat. Boston fans can be obnoxious at times (obviously Habs fans can be as well, my own post is slightly obnoxious ) but at least they are entertaining and many of them are very knowledgeable. In fact most of the rivalry is in good fun between the fans and I love it.

In short - I hope the Leafs crawl back to the bottom of the standings, were they belong, and let the decent teams like Montreal and Boston fight for glory. Leafs are a bunch of parvenu benefiting like no others from playing a short season. If it were 82 games they'd likely manage to miss the playoffs as they do every year in normal circumstances.
That's what makes it fun to read their GDT when you're team is beating them.

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