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04-26-2013, 04:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Nicky Santoro View Post
IU, you are the best. thanks man. no posts in 1 week, and then 3 in a row by you with great info. i used to think CLB got bad ratings because they were so bad. but man, what a yr for them, a chance to make the playoffs and they are barely averaging not much more than 1.0. that's sad. i hope they don't make the playoffs. they don't deserve it.

and as for CHI.. i know bulls have the immigrants over hawks, but man.. 6.6 last night?? that's what the hawks averaging all season.. and this is the playoffs to boot.. now i am not so sure anymore the bulls would beat the hawks. if hawks are averaging this much in reg season, i am sure they will get 9.0+ in the 1st round.
Please bear in mind the game against Colorado started two hours later than home game, and the LA game I think started at 10:30 PM Columbus time. I don't think it's a coincidence that the most watchable of the games, the St. Louis one, did so much better than the others. Also, give it more than just a few weeks.

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