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Originally Posted by rojac View Post
I'm over fifty and I dislike Grapes immensely. I have no problem with him speaking his mind. I just don't like what seems to be the content of his mind. His bashing of non-Canadians with very little, if anything, to back it up is annoying. He is inarticulate and while, yes, he had little education, I certainly have known many of his generation and older who have been quite articulate with roughly the same level of education. He is rude and close-minded, often dismissive of anything even slightly outside his narrow world view. If I had kids, I'm not sure I would let them watch Don Cherry for fear of them imitating many of his negatives. Perhaps if he was presented as a clown to be laughed at and possibly pitied for his ignorance, I might let them watch.
Bashes others. Ignorant. Inarticulate. Little education. Rude. Close-minded. Dismissive. Narrow world view. Fearful. Negative. Clown. Ignorant. To be pitied.

I guess I shouldn't let my kids watch him either. They may get the idea that Canadians are judgemental.

Please don't forget this:

I am 42 and my four daughters do not watch him because they don't watch hockey. But I would like to think that I do not shelter them from anyone's point of view. Rather I teach them that world view is a dynamic term that does not exist in a vacuum. There is always a reason for someone to believe and feel the way they do, and understanding one's differences and similarities is more educational than painting it with a broad stroke and trying to define it and explain our own opinions and thoughts on any person as conclusive.

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