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Originally Posted by YEAHSO View Post
My last year of hockey I decided to stay with my home town team even though I would be playing in a worse league with even worse teammates. I could have went to another town and played with my friends on a level above this one.

I thought it would be fun and I kinda liked the idea of being the captain (I figured I would be the captain since I was the oldest/most mature and the best player on the team).

We had 2 A's to start the year because they were wearing the same number jersey's of the team that used the jerseys the previous year but he didn't give a C until almost the end of the year.
So I played all year working my butt off and carrying my line mates making plays that were too advanced for them and I wasn't even getting the point totals I thought I would have. My coach even came up to me at one point after a game and he said he knows it's hard playing with people who aren't on your level.

Annyywaay, by the time he chose the captain he did infact give it to me but the next game he gave it to some other kid before the game started. I gave a piss poor effort in the game ex.coasted around, acted disinterested; I sent a message to my coach and didn't talk to anyone- everyone knew I was pissed.

I don't know why he changed his mind or maybe he was just giving everyone a turn with it... I wasn't sticking around to find out. I had enough of that team.

I know it might sound like a D-bag move but I felt like my sacrifice and hardwork should have been rewarded. My confidence was dropping like a rock too and after I got the C I thought it was a decent consolation prize to the terrible year I had to put up with.
Sounds like they made the right move not giving you the 'C'.

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