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Originally Posted by MyNameIsNobody View Post
Stop with the blinders guys....

Team USA ALWAYS brings faster skaters than the Canadians in ANY tournament...That includes WJC and now Olympics...

They are as fast as the russians...

The USA trains on larger surfaces and probably plays most of their games on bigger ice... This is why PK subban is such a great skater...the ice he used to play in junior was bigger than the standard...

We dont have the depth we used to have... we need to get back to this depth...

What makes me laugh are posters on this site arguing about how many teams can canada ice...LOL we cant even ice a winning team...

its a joke
Let me put things in the proper perspective. Of the Top 60 Scorers in the NHL, 6 (10%) are American. 38 (63.33%) are Canadian.

Yes, the U.S. is producing very good teams for the U-18's. As well they should - they play together for years. But has it translated into high end NHL talent, I would say "No".

Originally Posted by HabLover View Post
Define 'faster'??

A straight line down the ice, a full lap of the ice, start stop start again, what??

Check out the top guys in NHL right now, pts, goals, assists, plus minus, hits, blocked shots, dmen points....check them all out, I see alot of Canadians....ohh and check out the top 10 for this years draft, hmmmmm I see alot of Canadians again, maybe like 7 out of 10, so yeah we must be doing something right.......

Thanks for the insight lol
Well said. While there is no excuse for us not winning the WJR's in 2012 (let alone the last 4 years) we are producing high end talent in abundance = especially up front. Well, everywhere but in goal.

Originally Posted by Rabid Ranger View Post
Open to interpretation I guess....What do you want me to say, the tournament should be scheduled for a time when Canada can send all of it's best players-which can't currently make it due to the CHL playoffs? My point is, Canada should have enough depth to compete at this tournament regardless of player availability. I will say the U.S. has a significant built in advantage by sending the USNTDP, which gets to play together all year around against quality competition. That said, you still have to win the games.

And they have competed. Especially this year. Please remember, Canada is not sending their best and they are not sending players who have played together in the past. The U.S. is sending their best and they have played together. The advantage is more than significant.

Originally Posted by Rabid Ranger View Post
What does a player's draft ranking have to do with proficency in international competition-especially at the junior level? This isn't Pokemon or who has the shiniest toys.
The point is... for a poster who screams out loud every time someone criticizes U.S. hockey, you sure spend a lot of time in Canadian threads.

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