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04-26-2013, 06:09 PM
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i agree, when you look at the stats, you can't help but feel a bit surprised with pac's numbers. personally, i like many, feel somewhat let down or disappointed with him, despite his near ppg production.

when i realized that, i wondered: is it me? die-hard, can't be pleased habs fan?

pacs is very streaky and many times, he accumulates points without you noticing. when he wasn't scoring, he was collecting assists.

the past few games, he's been picking up on the hitting and finishing off his checks. you can feel his emotion in them. like we all feel. angry, upset with our late season slide, and trying to vent his frustrations.

he still needs time to temper himself, find consistency. when he was slumping, he was more perimeter and leaving the big body work to the little guys. he has to attack the net more, mix his attack, and just drive hard using his speed.

cole's game insulated pacs more so than gally just because cole was more similiar to him than gally. in turn, cole also helped out david in that way.

wish we can have the entire cake to eat it all ourselves, but the reality is we can't. not right now.

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