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04-26-2013, 06:18 PM
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Originally Posted by reckoning View Post
I thought the ending of the last episode was really disturbing and unsettling. Most of the violence in the show up to that point had a campy, B-movie horror vibe to it. Entertaining, but not anything frightening or moving. But that scene really got to me. The actress did an amazing job selling the terror of that moment.
They seem to relish and romanticize the violence too much. That last scene left me disturbed too...mostly because it seemed like the writers wanted to go out their way to say, "Psychopaths are real people, too, and know love and heart break! Let's feel bad for them!"

I have a love/hate thing going with this show. On one hand, I keep watching because I want to know what happens next. On the other hand, I find it beyond ridiculous. For example, the fact that Carroll could escape the road block last week because all the police had to go to the rescue, wouldn't happen. We all saw the thousands of cops swarming Boston and Watertown last week over two guys. Imagine how many resources would be there if there was a cult of mass murderers. Plenty to do two things at once.

In that same vein, Kevin Bacon (not even an FBI agent) wouldn't be the first and sometimes only guy at a crime scene. He seems to do a good job of racing out ahead of the FBI, the HRT team, the state police, sheriffs, and anyone else the DHS sent. Then he gets into a pickle that could have been avoided if he'd just, um, you know...told others to come along.

The thing that bugged me most, though? Kevin Bacon taking a cellphone call while underground in that old military depot. Um, concrete. Hello?

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