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04-26-2013, 06:43 PM
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Now time to debate the defense

Pairing 1:

Tim Horton/Jan Suchy vs. Jack Stewart/Babe Siebert

Comments: One of my team strengths is my 1st pairings both Horton and Suchy are pretty good defenseman and will make for a good pairing. Horton's going to get a lot of assignments against the physical Nordiques players, a role that I'm sure he'll handle well. Jan Suchy will be our #1 offensive option on defense. The Nordiques first pairing offers Jack Stewart, a great hitter in his day and Babe Siebert, who will play the Tim Horton role on your team. Again it's a solid pairing that should play its role well.

Here's how I see it:


Advantage: Blades

Pairing 2:

Craig Hartsburg/Red Horner vs. Frantisek Popisil-Leo Boivin

Comments: Hartsburg and Horner offers the classic offensive defensive battle. Still they're matched up here vs. a really good 2nd pairing. Hartsburg was such a good offensive defenseman and he could have been so much better had it not been for injuries. Going against Boivin won't help him much here but I expect the best for Hartsburg. Red Horner vs. Frantisek Popisil is a great battle between 2 hard hitting defensemen.

How I see it:


Comments: A clear advantage here to the Nordiques, you guys have a really good 2nd pairing, good job.

3rd Pairing:

Steve Smith/Phil Russell vs. frantisek Tikal/Ron Greschner


I've always been a fan of Ron Greschner, the guy is probably 1 of the better 3rd pairing offensive defensemen in this. 1 question though is what kind of defensive game does he play? Because he's matched up here vs. Steve Smith and while Greshcner might be Smith's better offensively Smith seems to be better than him in a lot of other ways. Tikal and Russell is a good battle of 2 physical defensemen.

How I see it:


Advantage: Goes to the Blades, it's close though.

Looking forward to a rebuttal here. I'll debate the goalies, coaching and special teams tomorrow.

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