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Originally Posted by Harpo View Post
Boston are the archenemy.

Leafs are the little annoying kid brother that will steal your legos but will always be a loser.

Tried to vote, couldn't.
Funny, I see it as the opposite.

Boston's the evil twin brother who you grow up with, measure yourself against and compete with your entire life. But when the chips are down, the brothers circle the wagons and have each other's backs. The psycho neighbour in Toronto tries to wedge himself between us, we remind him that he's got decades to go before he can match the brothers' rivalry. Real life intrudes with a horrific terrorist act, and practically every Habs fab was reaching out to their rivalry brother in Boston. Yeah, we hate each other, but it's a private family hate that we take pride in, and have exalted into legend.

Boston and Montreal are an epic blockbuster. The Leafs are a bad action flic with good marketing.

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