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Are the Blackhawks looking for goaltending?

It seems that the performance of Crawford this season is not up to the new Chicago GM's standards, and that they are now on the lookout for a goaltender, and are contacting everyone.


New development

Ben Bishop has 3 teams interested. Chicago bound?


Chicago and Devils talking trade. Brodeur? We will see.

Huge developments

Jeff Skinner, Cam Ward potentially on the move. Sources say you can "Bank on it". To where? No one knows; but the goalie market is HOT right now.

Also, the background story on the Devils new GM, Big Lou:

Here we go. The story begins as Lou is a young boy, growing up as an oil brat in Dharan, Saudi Arabia. He lived in a compound with many other American boys,, as all of their parents worked for the same oil company. They did very little, and were allowed to do very little, but as their parents were very wealthy, they also had very expensive vehicles. One day, Lou, Anton, and Damon were playing amidt their fathersí Maseratis and Bugattis when suddenly, one of them turned on. They were very surprised, as all of their fathers were at work, and their mothers were baking flatbread, or some other middle eastern ****. Suddenly, a Maserati squealed itís tires and went on a beeline straight for Lou. He dove out of the way just in time, but broke his right leg. He grew to be 6í9", thus, Big Lou.

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