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Originally Posted by habsinsider View Post
Wow...Habs fans really showing why the rest of the fans of the NHL think of us as arrogant and lacking hockey knowledge...

I'm a fan of the Habs 1st and the Leafs 2nd. I live in an area with a ton of Leaf fans. Sure, they want to beat us, but they never talk about injuring our players or any such classless acts. Mostly they are humble and true fans of the game. Whoever said that Leaf fans are bandwagonners is sorely misinformed. Their fans are the most dedicated in the NHL, remaining loyal to a team lacking playoff success for many years. Some of you are either trolling or just ignorant of reality.

Another thing - stop making excuses for the Leafs beating us. We are not the better team currently. I say that from an unbiased standpoint. It's clear they have outplayed us most games and deserved to win.

Let's just enjoy the game. Some of you are too emotionally invested in hating the Leafs and are just spewing nonsense. Grow up...k thx.
I'm going to guess that everything except the bolded was being facetious and extremely sarcastic, mostly cuz of the injury thing when it's the leafs board that is wishing injury on us (haven't seen a single post by us like that).

If not, dude, you've been brainwashed. Seek medical attention immediately. I too live right outside Toronto, have TONS of leafs fan friends, so if anything I know how everything you just reverse said is true to an unimaginable degree. By the way, as for bandwagonning, when the leafs aren't doing well (btw doing well can include winning two games in a row), everyone put their jays hat on, talks about the raptors, picks another team to follow, doesn't follow hockey. I know Toronto and leaf fandom inside and out. I live the rivalry every day. Anyway, that's IF you weren't being sarcastic, which I dearly hope you were otherwise, as someone said previously, there is no such thing as Habs are my favourite team and Leafs are my 30th favourite, let alone 2nd. It's an oxymoronic statement.

As for the injuring thing, during my rec hockey season, you should have heard my friend's diatribe about Colton Orr (backed by everyone else on the team who are leafs fans). It...I..just can't even. F the leafs.

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