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04-26-2013, 10:31 PM
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Yeo needs to go. Right now. He needs to be fired this very minute. Fletcher has done everything he can to build thhe roster into something respectable and he has done that brilliantly. Yeo however is an anchor weighing this franchise down and quite possibly costing us all of that respect we got when we snagged Parise and Suter, and diminishing any hope of landing a quality free agent this summer because of this teams MASSIVE choke job down the stretch.

I thought last year was bad. I thought that was about as bad as it could get, but at least then you could see it coming, and there was time to go through the appropriate stages of greif. This one? No it comes down to the final ****ing game of the season, and the night before we had a chance to clinch against a creampuff team full of castoffs and rejects and we let them shoot 50% on us on their way to building a 6 goal lead!?!?! WHAT THE **** IS GOING ON??? This is the kind of performance that would get anyone laughed off the stage. The team didnt even deserve the boos tonight, as the team is a waste of vocal cord and lung stress at this point. Hell, this team is a waste of the strain on my fingers and keyboard right now as I write this.

We have the most talented roster in franchise history. BY FAR. We had a legitimate shot at the NW division title. We've had shot after shot after shot to choose where we wanted to end up this season and we consistently **** the bed against teams we should be curbstoming.

The only consistency in everything is Yeo's garbage grinder-forever system that he has forced upon players who are more than capable of playing something a lot more open, a lot faster, and a lot more defensively disciplined. Yeo doesnt even seem to know what the ****ing slot it. Our guys NEVER go there. We never try to open space, we never do anything except cycle along the corner until we get behind the net and throw that same pass out there that weve thrown out in every game this year. And People wonder why it never goes in? If its so simple a Chicago fan can pick it up by viewing one game, every coach in the league by now knows thats what you need to defend against. That ONE pass. That's our whole ****ing system!! That ONE ****ING PASS!!

This is unbelievable the level of sheer incompetence and stubborness. What is it called when you keep trying the same thing over and over and over expecting different results? Because thats what Yeo is. The prooff has long since been on the table that this grinder system DOESNT WORK and yet he persists in making us play it night in and night out like it's his ****ing religion!

During the Winning streak, we were winning because we were scoring goals. and why were we scoring goals? Because our guys were suddenly working outside of the system! They were carrying the puck in and shooting from good angles instead of dumping and chasing every ****ing time. They were doing a lot more than just cycling in the corner. They were actually doing things that made it so the opposing team had to defend against more than that one ****ing pass. but ever since the slide started, Yeo has tightened the ship up. OH NO, YOU CANT PLAY CREATIVE ANYMORE! No more carrying the puck in! dump it in and grind it out! Grind it out! GRIND IT OUT! We might as well rename our team to the Minnesota Flour Millers with all the GRINDING we're doing!

This joker needs to be shown the door and the sooner he does, the sooner this team recovers. I have very little doubt that if the wild were to fire Yeo on their way to the airport tonight and have some new coach meet them in Denver in the morning that the team would instantly be better, simply because it would be free of the constant demand tha it do nothing but grind.

Yeo has to ****ing go.

Remember that joke last year that winning games at the end of the year was costing us cups?

Well keeping Yeo around any longer could very well, legitmately cost us a shot at a Stanley cup in the future because of how much damage his shoddy system is doing to this team and the players ability to play the game to their strengths. A good coach adapts and finds ways to fit his players strengths in with the system. Yeo's system does the exact opposite and forsakes everyone strengths in favor of forcing everyone to grind grind grind. He's trying to force octagons, trapezoids, circles, triangles, rhombuses, and tetrahedrons through the square hole that only a grinder can fit through and it literally KILLING THIS TEAM.

All those injuries we are running around with. Those are the same kind of injuries expected of the usual grinder type players that are found at the bottom of a teams depth charts to fill in on those 4th lines that are there only for grit. But by playing every line like a 4th line, it causes everyone to take the samne wear and tear, and quite a bit more because most grinder lines only a get a couple minutes of ice a night, and we're playing the whole ****ing game in a grinding style!! Welcome to injury-town, population Minnesota Wild!

And what does all this **** do over the course of a compressed season such as this? It slows everyone down. It wears everyone out. Everyone is more exhausted than they have to be because of how hard they have to play every night while grinding it out. The players arent allowed to play smart, which requires a lot less energy than playing THAT hard. And because of that we come out in the third almost every game exhausted. Have any of you noticed that this year? Regardless of how many days off, we come out and we look TIRED in the third of almost every game, especially lately with the season dragging on everyone. This system of Yeo's does nothing but suck the life out of everyone on the team, and it's leading to things like blown leads late in games because were just too ****ing tired to grind anymore.

**** I could go on for hours about this now. Yeo is garbage and is costing this team a lot in the long term. No free agent of significance is going to want to come here while Yeo is in the cockpit.

The very best ending to this season at this point is one in which Yeo gets fired. We'll find out what happens tomorrow night, but regardless it is going to be ugly as hell. And if we lose and we miss the season, so be it! At least then there should be no way in hell we don't leave Yeo behind in Denver.



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