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04-26-2013, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
But its not like the fights started there, my read of it is the guy was celebrating a little much in the defensive end when it was clear the game was over, the defending team got a little pissed and pushed him up against the glass. some pushing and shoving but not much until his teamates ( who were at the other end of the ice congratulating the goalie) saw their teamate surrounded by a bunch of players and came to his defense, then guys paired off.

I mean, clearly it all started with the taunt.

But watch carefully at how the brawl really gets started. Paquette gets some grief from the other team and gets pulled away by an official, followed by a handful of players. At that point, there is no brawl. As far as his actions went, he simply caused a kerfuffle that led to a lot of guys standing around.

Then there's a bit of a gap in time where the majority players' attention is no longer on Paquette. A lot of them are just milling about. From the middle of that big group, something happens and guys start squaring off. No telling what was said or done to trigger it, but it seems to have been between those players and did not involve Paquette.

Now, there is no doubt that Paquette was being a turd and bears some responsibility for that sequence of events. But he doesn't have control of the other players' agendas once that standoff starts. It's quite obvious at times during the brawl that some players were just jumping into the fray for the hell of it, with no good cause to fight (the backup goalies!?), so you have to wonder what exactly touched this thing off.

From the perspective of punishing players for the events that were under their control, Paquette didn't really have a role in the brawl at all. He got hit with a $1000 fine which is serious money for a junior player, and appropriate punishment for what was ultimately just poor sportsmanship. He's still a dick, though.

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