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Originally Posted by gillings View Post
In a way yes, Beauty can be found in anything.

In other words, No, Not really.

Hockey is a scandal, A money laundering gang of wealthy elite men stealing our money.

Lol, So we can be dumb ignorant fans.

Yea, What?
Wouldn't it be stealing if they forced you to give it?

These guys are much better than 99.999% of people at something millions watch religiously on TV and tens of thousands in person, thats the reason they are rich. There is nothing about stealing there, especially since an abnormally large % of that money comes back in tax.

Sure it would be nice if all the poor had more money ect ect, but then they would spend even more money on hockey stuff and the hockey players would be even richer.

Originally Posted by QUOTE=gillings
Two words:


Nuff' said
Thats one word tho..

But I agree. GALCHENYUK!!!! !!

Originally Posted by habsinsider
Hate to break it to you guys but the Leafs have more skill than we do, and arguably more speed. They don't necessarily need to 'goon it up' to win but it is their style to play physical. Proof is in the stats where their players have more goals/points than us and in the last few games where there hasn't been any "gooning" but they still dominated us.
They also have an abnormally high team shot percentage and one of the worse shot for/against differential in the league. They have many players overachieving this year and are bound to regress with more time.

Who overachieves this year on the Habs? Ryder? Who else?

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