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04-27-2013, 01:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Bloumeister View Post
Franchise this, warrior that, leader.... FFS, how 'bout something FUN?

Carl Carmoni... yeah, that's the spirit!

(would have preferred Suzanne or André Buist myself, but... BIRDIE!!!)

Look, I understand if some will prefer cheering the Habs through avatarian (!) means like they're sitting in the expensive seats down in the red section at the Bell Centre (watch it, though, your sphincter might contract so much that the hole will shut completely), but here are a few suggestions for the Zone Molson Ex-type crowd:

I put these up together more as teasers than finished products (for those of you who like hanging around Costco on Saturdays to pig out on bite-size samples all afternoon), but if any of you actually want to use these, I'll post the original full-size pics in here, and Yep will set them up in a much niftier avatar. I stink at making small-sized gifs, sorry
Sir I would like to use Plekyblonde for my own avatar please-please! If anyone want to license one of Blou masterpieces, just specifiy which one (+the legend you want) and I'll do the animated gif like Blou suggested.

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