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Originally Posted by RedWingsNow View Post
It's truly incredible that you can even allow your fingers to type such nonsense.
What happened to all this "RESPECT OTHER POSTERS" preaching? Oh, that's right. It only applies to anyone who's addressing St. Bob, the omniscient.

I have nothing against Danny Dekeyser, Ericsson or Quincey.
Turning this into a semantics debate? Of course you don't have anything personal against DD, Ercisson, or Quincey. What you do imply is that you rarely have anything positive to say about them (And I've never read anything said about Danny DeKeyser, so I'm taking that claim with a grain of salt that you don't have much good to say about him).

It's hard to say how good DD is so far.
Not for me. He's been what we've missed since Nick Lidstrom left. He's no Nick Lidstrom, but we've missed someone who goes out there and separates the puck from the forward and gets it to his teammates. He plays a simple game amongst a squad of defenders that can give you heart burn watching them handle the puck.
But he's soft
Nick Lidstrom was soft as well. This isn't a legitimate criticism. He knows he can't get physical with his lanky body, so he goes out and uses his stick and reach to disrupt the puck cycling. I see nothing wrong with him playing soft. Once he puts muscle on in the offseason, he'll be fine.
he makes rookie mistakes.
Very far and few in between and usually of minimum impact. Maybe a turnover here and there, but seriously. I rarely notice this guy, and that's a great thing. You're stretching this.

See, the problem comes when the hometeam fans OVERRATE players. I tend not to overrate players (though some say I overrate Tatar).
You wanna know why I think this is BS? The fact this "assessment" is coming out of your mouth. Why don't you let someone else do the puffing up for you? I say you have just as much bias in your assessment as we do.
So when I offer a reasonable assessment, it seems like criticism to people who buy into the BS hype peddled by sycophant cheerleaders Ken Daniels or George Malik.
Wow. You are a freaking hypocrite. So you complain about how we generalize your statements, saying you rarely give a shred of praise to anyone involved with the Red Wings. IF you need evidence to that, then go check out just about any post this guy makes in a GDT. Every dang post is "X should have done Y" or "Quit whining like a baby, X." So, you're allowed to generalize everyone who disagrees with your opinions as some brainwashed mindless dolt who follows Ken Daniels and Malik's word like gospel? You're not allowed to get away with this BS. Not on my watch.
Finally, it's it's truly ignorant on your part to say that I refuse to give out credit or will be not impressed by players.
Just the other day I was talking about how impressed I've been with Kyle Quincey's physical play since returning from the jaw injury.
There's always room for anomalies. Not everyone is a permanent negative nancy that truly always has bad things to say about the Wings. It's just that way more often than not, you do. And people get sick of it.

You, on the other hand, don't bother to address my opinions of players. Instead, you criticize me -- using lies.
He's not lying; he could choose his vocabulary better though. Nor was it his intention to address your opinions. He was just clarifying why you are ignoring someone's point on how the Wings have been very impressive since DeKeyser joined the fold. I'll bite. Since DeKeyser has joined the Wings, they have a 1.4 GAA. They have only given up more than 2 goals in regulation plus overtime in this stretch of time ONCE (SO doesn't count).

Color me impressed.

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