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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
That's not true every year... Immediately after Vancouver sending teams of marginal NHL players and rookies or 2nd year players. Last year was the 1st year since 09 that they sent a decent team and if it were not for Getzlaf being such an egghead, we should have played for a medal.
The 2010 team had plenty of talent, especially at forward, but as you said was young and inexperienced and I guess it showed by finishing with a losing record. It should be noted though that most teams that year sent weaker than usual rosters. The Czech's won with a total of four NHL players (two of them goalies) on their team.

People always point out all the talent Canada is missing ever year, but that is something most countries (and all of the legit contenders) have to deal with. Other countries may have more of their 'A' squad show up most years but they also don't have the depth Canada has. A half dozen 'name' Finn players missing probably impacts the overall talent level of that team far more than two dozen 'name' Canadian players not being able to make it.

Anyway... as it stands now, at forward at least, Canada is looking really strong.

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