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04-27-2013, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by LeBlondeDemon10 View Post
ESPN Classic was showing the exhibition game from September 1991 between the Rangers and Kings in Las Vegas. First of all, the ice looked fantastic despite it being 88 F. The puck was gliding smoothly, better than during any outdoor game of recent memory. Secondly, I can't believe Gretzky was playing as this must have been only weeks after the Suter hit in the 91 CC. Thirdly, Jari Kurri had just joined the Kings and was playing on a line with 99 and Sandstrom. I can't recall how much Robitaille and Gretzky played together that year, but I was thinking that this had to be demoralizing to some extent for Robitaille as he was in some ways being replaced by 99's former right hand man. I don't know if this contributed to a rift between the two, or if there even is a rift. Maybe the good thing that came out of this for Robitaille was that Kurri had a very sub par year in 91-92 and the next year it looks like 99 and Luc played together because Luc set the record for goals by a left winger. And then he was traded after the 93-94 season. So I could see how Luc might think that Gretzky was the shadow GM if this is true.

As an aside, I didn't realize Kurri either sat out or was hurt for all of 90-91 after Edmonton traded him to Philly. He signed as a free agent with LA in 91. Can anyone recall what happened there?
ironically, with gretzky out for a good part of the year, robitaille's main center was jari kurri. as i recall, they got off to a crazy hot start and both guys were up there near mario in the scoring race early on.

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