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Refs do on many occassion explain to the player what and why they made a specific call, esp when its a newer interpretation under new guidelines. Some take the time to do so(as they go to the box) and some dont.

For instance many times I have heard a ref explain to a player that the elbow or ruff was called bacause the player lifted their arm/s into a check. While its a natural defensive action it can result in a call against. Typical to the younger players new to checking, for those not intending a foul it sure helps a kid come back into the game and not repeat the offense.

I agree that in some cases the explanation can seem like the ref is trying to justify the call. FOr players who are obviously in disagreement with the call or those at the batam/midget level I wouldnt expect a Ref to explain. That would be a waste of breath for a Ref, likely to just encourage more LIP from an already bent player.

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