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04-27-2013, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
I doubt we're moving to a permanent 4-3 shift. Theres going to be a lot of versatility on this d-line. Dunbar is gonna get to coach this kid up with limited pressure and reps. He will not be thrust into a starting role, it'll be like Wilkerson when he was a rookie. The plan is for the defense to start clicking in 2 years.

Milliner, I can't argue with everyone here that is afraid he'll be an injury risk. The injury that worries me the most is that broken leg he suffered, leaving a metal rod to hold together his tibia. But whats good is that he's a CB and his legs are not the point of contact during tackles. He'll be the one initiating most contact and will likely be held out of the clogged up areas in case of some freak injury around his legs. Look for Milliner to also get limited reps this year unless Cro or Wilson gets injured/really underwhelm.

Don't think we can go QB here at 39. We're not in position to develop a QB. Our offensive line has too many holes. Kaepernick and Wilson stepped into situations where their teams had strong offensive lines and strong defenses. Jets are gonna first solidify the defense, then solidify the line, then draft a QB. I'm thinking TE, WR, or S in rd 2/3.
Exactly what I said we will likely use much more 4-3 and continue to use our nickle, bear, etc as we did last year with guys shifting around as Wilk did. Starting my post by saying horrific draft was dumb but I was just insanely pissed off about trading Revis to get a CB b/c it really is representative of this teams history of pure incompetence and idiocy. I definitely went overboard on some things but simultaneously made it clear I was actually happy with both players and just hate the circumstances. I'm thrilled Smith fell into the Jets lap at 38 or 39 whatever it was. I was desperately screaming NO at the TV during the 13th pick it would have been horrible to draft Smith with the 13 pick considering he fell like that

******* crapadelphia for taking my TE

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