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04-27-2013, 12:22 PM
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I know he's versatile.
But if Plekanec ends up being the 3rd line center, that would mean one of three things.

+ Either he really regressed
+ Either two of Galchenyuk, Desharnais or Eller really improved on their actual play
+ A combination of the above.

Forget DD for a moment -- moot point, won't get a raise anytime soon.

If Gally and Eller pass Plekanec on the depth chart, they'll be asking for... good money. And if Plekanec's play drop, he'll have to accept a drop OR he'll be overpaid, depending on when the drop occurs.

Plekanec has many qualities. It's just that 5M for a 3rd center doesn't make sense in a 60-something M cap world.
Originally Posted by Watsatheo View Post
Plekanec is really versatile, can play with anyone and in any situation. No reason to trade him, it's not like Eller/Galchenyuk aren't going to break bank at their re-signs, they don't have the multiple ~70 point seasons Plekanec had before his contract and neither will be given the opportunity to produce like that before their contracts are up.

When your top 2 C are young and cheap, having a vet that can do everything like Plekanec is very good.

If Eller dominated AHL at the age of 21 and 22 then put up 0.6 pts/game at the age of 23, does it somehow become more impressive?

0.81 pts/game in 1st AHL season
0.22 pts/game in 1st NHL season
0.35 pts/game in 2nd NHL season
0.60 pts/game in 3rd NHL season
? pts/game in 4th NHL season.

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