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12-31-2003, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by shaolin_goon
i perfectly agree with ya guy. but i dont think uve quite understood what it is that i do. when i reduce the weights, i increase reps, this in turn brings up my muscular endurance AND allows for some chiseling. i do know that when ur muscles get used to a certain weight, going lower becomes useless, if ur keeping the same reps. not to repeat myself, but ive been following - more or less - in bruce lee's footsteps for the working out part (just not as intensely). im not really gaining that much mass, but im gaining a ton of strength and endurance. but yes, leg muscle is very easy to build. i dunno why most people dont work them...i mean how many times have u seen a guy with a huge upper body, and tiny little legs? so funny :p
OK, that makes sense, but you can actually do that in one step, but if it's working for ya, why should ya change it

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