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04-27-2013, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Frank Booth View Post
Milwaukee drew just 3053 for a Friday night playoff game. Houston, which is losing their team, drew 4159 for their game. What's the excuse this time, people more interested in the Packers' draft picks?
What's the point of going after one team for crappy playoff attendance when pretty much all teams have crappy playoff attendance in the early rounds?

And is it really a surprise? This is the last chance for Aeros fans to actually see their team and they are in a market that has a half million more people than our entire state (and no that's not an excuse, that's reality.)

Originally Posted by Frank Booth View Post
But there's always some excuse for Milwaukee's poor attendance, the Packers, the weather, no one cares about the first round, etc. It's all BS.
How is it all BS? Look at attendance during Packers season and then look at it after the season is over. The weather can be an excuse when you're driving from the suburbs to downtown in a snowstorm, that doesn't happen all the time but there are at least a couple a year which will cause some people not to go. It's not that no one cares about the first round either, it's something that happens in pretty much every AHL market during the playoffs. It's not just a Milwaukee thing.

If no one cares about the first round, why even have a team, because getting there is what the season is really all about. Other teams can draw at least close to average in the playoffs. When Lake Erie was in the playoffs in 2011 they averaged over 8,000 for their 4 first round dates.
Good for Lake Erie. They are the exception, not the rule. Just like Manitoba and Hershey were/are.

Do the Admirals do ANY marketing at all? Do they go out in the public and create any awareness for the team and the playoffs? My guess is a big no to both.
Of course they market. The problem is they are limited in who they can market with. The top two rated radio stations in the area are conservative talk stations. That's where you're going to get the most listeners but the problem is they want to talk politics. One of the stations actually does have a sports talk show every weekday, the problem is they are the radio station for the Bucks and Brewers. Since the Brewers are playing and the Bucks are in the playoffs, they broadcast their games instead of the sports talk show so there is no opportunity to get on the air.

They have done radio interviews (radio announcer and team President) on the radio station they broadcast games on but they draw a 1.1 rating which is about 11,000 households. Not a huge following there. And there's another sports station that they used to broadcast their games on that get even worse ratings (.5).

They do commercials on pretty popular FM stations (WRIT and WKLH) but it's difficult to do interviews on stations that play strictly music. They have done interviews on the early morning shows but I question how much of an audience they have.

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