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04-27-2013, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Frank Booth View Post
But there's always some excuse for Milwaukee's poor attendance, the Packers, the weather, no one cares about the first round, etc. It's all BS. If no one cares about the first round, why even have a team, because getting there is what the season is really all about. Other teams can draw at least close to average in the playoffs. When Lake Erie was in the playoffs in 2011 they averaged over 8,000 for their 4 first round dates. Why? Because the front office was very aggressive in marketing the games. Providence did OK last night. They had the same amount of time to market as Milwaukee, in a smaller market. How can lame-duck Houston outdraw Milwaukee? Do you think they spent a dime to market them, if anyone is left in the front office staff in Texas for them? Do the Admirals do ANY marketing at all? Do they go out in the public and create any awareness for the team and the playoffs? My guess is a big no to both.
Frank, it was about 70 F yesterday in Milwaukee. That could be good for fan travel, but not what I would call "hockey weather". There wasn't a lot of walk up traffic that I saw. There is more to do in Milwaukee than Providence. That may be true for Cleveland too. The Admirals do market the team. I hear radio commericials, see newspaper ads etc... Maybe 11 years in a row of playoff hockey is working against the team. Maybe there are only 3000 to 4000 hardcore hockey fans in the Milwaukee area. It is what it is.

I checked, MKE had 1000 fans more than OKC. Rag on them for a while. Have a nice day!

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