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04-27-2013, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by shello View Post
Just saw it, not as good as the 1st like someone else said but still a lot of fun. Don't want to spoil anything for anyone so I won't say much, but going into this movie following every spoiler posted online and other things, things still surprised me and were unexpected. Solid movie.
Pretty much agree with everything you said. If the first Iron Man was 9/10 and the second a 7-/10, then this was 8/10. Starts a little bit a slowly or melancholic or something but really picks up in the latter half. Couple of thing I didn't see coming, a kid character/actor surprised me how well they worked with Stark/RDJ. Really funny moments especially in the second half. Ben Kingsley almost steals this one but not in the way people thought. One could also almost say the film went a similar path to Dark Knight Rises but unlike that, didn't eff it up in the end.

I'll limit more detailed comments until it's out in NA, but I'll just say that I thought I had managed to successfully erase Eiffel 65's "Blue" from playing in my head (along with the latter half of the 90's but Iron Man 3 brought it back...

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