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04-27-2013, 04:54 PM
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Before someone brings it up, I absolutely believe that there are guys who might crack under the pressure of a big market and the expectations of a market like New York. and I believe that there are guys who can handle that pressure and not let it bring them down.

But the idea that a player will go from scrubby also-ran on another team to god-like status simply because the pinstripes impart some kind of metaphysical benefits that make them want it more or respond positively to the winning tradition and whatnot is complete bunk.

Vernon Wells and Travis Hafner were good players before New York. Maybe not recently, but the history is there that says they have been capable of playing better than the last couple seasons indicate.

And Scott Brosius was an average-to-maybe-slightly-above-average 3B who had 1 great year in 1998 with the Yankees and for the most part was just as good in his career in Oakland as he was in New York.

and did Buck also celebrate Chuck Knoblauch? Quick, what's the defining memory of Knoblauch as a Yankee? Did you answer his late-career severe case of the yips that had him airmailing almost every routine throw to 1st? Because that's what always stuck out the most for me.


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