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Originally Posted by black charger View Post
You seem to be taking a hockey game pretty seriously.Here in TO we joke about the Leafs/Habs rivalry and don't really care if someone is a Habs fan or not.They can still be your buddy.
What do you mean "here in TO"? I AM in TO and give me a break, people take it seriously. Of course I don't try to kill my friends. They ARE my friends, but when it comes to hockey, they are delusional ****** and I tell them so. I actually praise the leafs a lot. Leafs fans, not so much. Last time at the ACC, after we won, a leaf fan spazzed out and told me to "Go back to your own country." And by that he meant Quebec. So it DOES get chippy and I've dealt with a lot of bs from leaf fans (again, many times my good friends) with as much grace as possible, so all the camaraderie you speak of is a little weak. When did I say you can't be buddies??? My whole point is THAT my buddies, when they open their traps about the Leafs are like a live HF Leafs board.

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