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Originally Posted by GloryDaze4877 View Post
I hope you are being sarcastic?

The idea that BB does anything based on one highlight catch or because it's a nice story, is laughable. There were a lot of teams that could have used a WR that passed on Allen and Wheaton. I love Mayock and Kiper for the entertainment value, but the next time they work for a pro football franchise in a scouting capacity will be there first time.
I messed up my meds yesterday and took Over Reaction pills by mistake- I started with the 7th Player Award and ended up here.

Hey, I'm NOW sold on Dobson and Ryan. Dobson apparently (and confirmed by the tape Gator Mike provided) is if not the best one of the best red zone players in the draft. Greg Bedard did an article on his recall and overall football intelligence that had Bill not needing any viagra last night. I heard a couple of draftnik callers who actually sounded like they had a clue say the same about his ability to come down with everything. I'm sold.

I lied earlier (there's a surprise) the Rutgers CB was the one guy I had heard of and read up on- and I actually liked him, but I was still smarting from Allen not being drafted at WR. He was on with Zolak and Gresch and might be the single most impressive guy this side of Tom Brady in an interview. The scouting report says he can play Zone (not surprising because that is the area his former teammate McCourtey is best at and what Greg Schifano had them play at Rutgers it sounds like) and can stick to you in man. OK, like that pick as well.

The safety from Rutgers never heard and not sure about, the first rounder the OLB-attacker I am not biting yet but its early and I havent eaten any brownies yet so no sugar high.

Joe, cant remember if you wanted the Honey Badger, but no way Bill wants that guy near his kid Brian if you catch my da-rift

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